Mobile Marketing – 10 Reasons Why you need to Consider it Today!

p>The Secret of Successful Marketing is…that it must never stop and it must adapt to changing circumstances. Marketing is a constant effort, for it is how a business is presented to the intended market.

1) Market Size – 5 Billion Plus Cell phone Users VS. 1.8 Billion Internet Users (almost 3x bigger).

2) Mobile Search – With the adoption of 3G and 4G mobile smart-phones, the volume of searches happening on mobile phones is expected to grow to 20% of all searches by 2012.

3) Instant – 90% of messages or opened immediately or with in minutes of delivery.

4) Location Awareness – You can offer exclusive offering to people within a certain radius of your location. Example: Deliver a 10% coupon when a customer comes within 2 miles of your location.

5) Target-ability – Reaching the right people at the right time with the right message at the right cost has never been easier. You can put your message in the pocket of your exact client demographic.

6) ROI (Return On Investment) – Display area is much smaller on smart phones. This means each search yields far fewer results and thus higher click-through rates.

7) Measurable – You get to see where every lead came from, which converted to clients and where others turned around. The days of tracking marketing dollars have never been so detailed.

8) Redemption Rates – Mobile Coupons are 10 time higher than their email (or even newspaper) counterparts!

9) Opening Rate – Text message opening rate is 95% VS. Email which is 15%-20%.

10) Reach – Connect with YOUR Customers Anytime, Anywhere! Cell phones are 1 of 3 things people never leave home without!

I continue to be very interested in the latest news and tips on Mobile Marketing. I hope this helps you to start thinking about how to get started. Let me know if I missed anything. This is a complicated and highly evolving space so would love to hear your feedback.

I look forward to connecting with you!